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Good news! Kutools for Excel 26.10 comes with dozens of handy chart templates, useful new features, and excellent feature improvements! You can upgrade to or have a free trial of this version by downloading Kutools for Excel 26.10.
Tip: full function & feature, free trial in 30 days! If the 2-year free upgrade support period is not expired, you are entitled to upgrade this version.

1. Password Manager: When opening a workbook encrypted with a password, Kutools' Password Manager will appear in the Password dialog box even if the "Automatically Fill Password" option is not enabled.
2. Compare Worksheets: Optimized interface, improved processing logic.
3. Optimized startup speed, and improved stability and compatibility.

1. Fixed: The “Make Up a Number” feature does not work correctly when handling decimals in some cases.
2. Fixed: Errors occur when applying the “Dynamic Ranking Bar Chart” feature in some languages other than English.
3. Fixed: Applying the “Split Data” feature to a vast data worksheet may cause errors.
4. Fixed: Applying the “Split Workbook” feature may cause errors in some cases.
5. Fixed: When renaming worksheets using the "Rename Worksheet" feature, special characters in the new name may cause errors.
6. Fixed: Errors occur when using VBA to call Kutools features in some cases.
7. Fixed: Other minor bugs.
1 week ago
Is there going to be a full version update in addition to this minor fix update soon?
so if i click check update and see "Paid Upgrade", it's time for me to re-purchase the product that i already own before?
1 week ago
so if i click check update and see "Paid Upgrade", it's time for me to re-purchase the product that i already own before?
Hi there,
Our products include a 2-year free upgrade support, which means that If you bought Kutools for Excel after 07/20/2020, you can update it to Kutools for Excel 26.10 directly, no extra money needed.

If you boutgh Kutools for Excel before 07/20/2020 you will have to pay for the upgrade, and you will then be able to update to future versions for free in the next two years.

Of courese, if you are satisfied with the version your are using, you can stick to it and use it for as long as you want. :D

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