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  Tuesday, 15 November 2022
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hola, hay algun codigo que me permita copiar los datos, pero que en la primera columna que son fechas puedan ser consecutivas.


en vez de que quede asi

10/01/2022 19.258.369-4 Juan Ramirez
10/01/2022 19.258.369-4 Juan Ramirez
10/01/2022 19.258.369-4 Juan Ramirez

quede asi

10/01/2022 19.258.369-4 Juan Ramirez
02/10/2022 19.258.369-4 Juan Ramirez
03/10/2022 19.258.369-4 Juan Ramirez

tengo una base de datos muy grande y debo hacer esto en el menor tiempo posible.

1 year ago
Hi there,

Do you mean that anything else are the same but the date?

If so, you can enter 10/1/2022 in the first cell, say A1, and enter =A1+1 in the cell A2. Then copy and paste "19.258.369-4 Juan Ramirez" as many times as you want in the column next the the date column.

At last, double click on the fill handle in the bottom-right corner of the cell A2, so that the formula will automatically fill in the below cells.
continues date.gif

If you want to combine the two columns, you can use Kutools for Excel's Combine Rows, Columns or Cells without Losing Data feature:

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